i2iVoice is spending most of its efforts on building refined voice traffic through different retail product offerings. Our target market is emigrant population living abroad and looking for affordable rates to connect to their families in their home countries. We have invested in a very robust retail platform that enables us to offer services such as: We offer Reseller 1 Reseller 2 and Reseller 3 Program to meet the specified need of this Domain.

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i2iVoice offer user-friendly voip software that will convert your PC into a voip phone with the help of a broadband connection. The voip software is designed in such a way that it utilizes minimal bandwidth and offers crystal clear voice. i2iVoice have a very seamless VPN solution (optional) that enables you to work in markets where VOIP is blocked. VPN software is installed on your PC in just a few minutes that enables you to keep running your other voip providers separately as well.